IT Support and Professional Services

We have resolved to provide delightful customer support services to all our clients. We understand the need to fix customers IT challenges without any hassle on the part of the client. MultiThread engages a number of full-time and part-time IT professionals who bring together decades of experience in providing and maintaining simple and highly-customized ICT solutions.

MultiThread's customer support team provides quick turnaround, 24-hour, after-sales support and service to our customers. Our highly trained personnel resolves and guide customers through any technical challenges both on site and remotely.


MultiThread provides assistance in areas such as:

  • IT Systems Maintenance and Service Management
  • IT Field Support
  • IT Project Management

Power Consultancy Services

We provide consultancy services on clean power solutions for IT equipment, Server Rooms, and Data centres.

UPS & AVR Systems

We offer a range of UPS and AVR products to meet our clients' needs from Small Office/ Home Office users (SOHOs) to medium and large enterprises.

Infrastructure/Building Management

Multithread ICT Solutions provides Datacentre Management and Monitoring Software suite designed to collect and manage data about a Datacentre's assets,

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