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Our network services go beyond physical cabling work; we consciously examine how data is transported progressively from one point to another within the network. This includes the type of cabling employed for each scenario, where and how the cable is laid, and how it is terminated to reduce data loss. Beyond that, serious consideration is given to the live equipment that carries the data. This includes the switches, routers, access points, firewall, UTMs, and fibre transceivers.

One important piece is also how this data is secured on the network and how incoming threats are mitigated. The proliferation of internet hungry mobile devices has heightened the need for more security within the corporate network. Our commitment to data integrity is the driving force behind our quest to deliver quality network services to our clientele. The ultimate aim is to provide a robust, secured, and reliable network that meets current business requirement and scalable into the future.

Our Unified Communications offering is based on the feature-rich Microsoft Skype for Business Solution. It enables all-round communication based on its complete UC feature set which includes Instant messaging & presence; Peer-to-peer VoIP and video; Audio, video and web conferencing; Enterprise Voice and PSTN connectivity; Connectivity to global users through the Skype network; Client and server developer platform; and Mobile clients on Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and web browsers. Skype for Business has become the household name for total communication. With integration solutions from partner vendors like Audiocodes and Polycom, this solution has become a complete replacement for traditional PABX and IPBX systems.

IT Infrastructure Deployment

The foundation of every successful IT services and operations is a robust infrastructure. Robust IT infrastructure is based on careful integration ...

Software Solutions

Our software agenda is driven by the understanding that every organization that adopts a particular software has expectations and these expectations...

Power Consultancy Services

We provide consultancy services on clean power solutions for IT equipment, Server Rooms, and Data centres.

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