UPS & AVR Systems

We offer a range of UPS and AVR products to meet our clients' needs from Small Office/ Home Office users (SOHOs) to medium and large enterprises. Clean power is vital to the performance of your IT equipment and by extension your business. So be it UPS, AVR, Line Conditioner or Secondary Power Solutions, Multithread ICT Solutions has the right solution for your needs.

We supply and install APC UPS of all capacities. As an APC SELECT Partner we are in the position to help you choose the right APC UPS for your business requirements.
These include:


  • APC Smart Online UPS
  • APC Backup UPS
  • APC Line Conditioners
  • Modular UPS for IT server Rooms that can be upgraded in capacity as your IT load increases
  • APC Racks and Rack PDUs
  • Static Transfer Switches (ATS)


As an ortea Spa partner, Multithread offers the following electrodynamics voltage stabilizers with digital controls:

  • Single-phase stabilizers
  • Three-phase stabilizers

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Power Consultancy Services

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